Ferrari F1 Is Already Messing Up the Strategy

Ferrari can’t even get its pit stops correct on social media.

byNico DeMattia|
Twitter/X. Ferrari
Twitter/X. Ferrari.


Over the past two seasons, Ferrari has been the butt of countless Formula 1 jokes and memes, mostly due to tire strategy and pit stop mishaps. If there isn't a smash cut of all of Ferrari's 2022-2023 pit-stop shenanigans set to the Bennie Hill theme, there should be. While there's certainly some optimism in Maranello that this season will be better, it isn't off to a great start, as Ferrari posted the wrong video of pit stop practice to social media.

Last week, Scuderia Ferrari (the F1 team) tried to post a video to social media of a pit stop, featuring its new SF-24 F1 car, but the video actually showed the crewmembers botching the front left tire change.

After deleting the video, Ferrari posted another video of the same pit stop but without the mistakes. In the caption, Ferrari wrote "Admin got so caught up in the shot we chose the wrong take," followed by a smacking head emoji. At least the social media team acknowledged the mistake and apologized to the mechanics in a subsequent comment.

Admittedly, Ferrari has bigger fish to fry than worrying about social media mistakes. The new SF-24 car needs to be drastically better than the car it ran last year if it wants to keep up with Red Bull, Mercedes, and Aston Martin this season. Both Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, seem pretty optimistic about the new car's improvements but they said the same thing last year. However, Sainz also told DAZN that this new car has hints of last year's Red Bull and Mercedes cars in it.

Obviously, mistakes happen in practice, even to the best teams, in every sport. That's what practice is for. But Ferrari—who seemed unable to get out of its own way over the past two seasons—messing up a routine tire change and then posting the mistake to social media is incredibly on-brand.

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