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Czech Automaker Praga, Known for Race Cars, Airplanes, and Tanks Is Making a Hypercar

Praga is best known for its experience in racing and hosting its own spec racing series. Now it wants to turn that knowledge into a road legal “extreme performance” car.

Not many folks have heard of Czech Automaker Praga. The ones who have are from a wide range of interests; race cars, airplanes, trucks, motorcycles, karts, a racing series, and even tanks. Even with that resumé, Praga has only made one road-going sports car. That changes with a road-legal “extreme performance” car that will be sold alongside its race car.

Praga intends for the car to compete with the KTM X-Bow, which is a fairly strong hint about just how extreme the car will be. The automaker is best known for its racing efforts and small lineup of racing cars, including the R1, R1R, and R4S. It also maintains a racing series called Praga Cup where drivers square away in equal machinery. Youtuber and sim racer Jimmy Broadbent competes in the series and just won the championship.

So far, it’s only a teaser. But according to Autocar, the Praga will be sold alongside the single-seat R1 and is the first road-going Praga since the R1R of 2015. It will feature a combustion engine, a titanium exhaust, Alcon brakes, and less aero than the race car. Beyond that, there are no technical details. All we know so far is that will be extreme, a la BAC Mono and the aforementioned KTM X-Bow. It will be niche as niche gets.

For a small automaker like Praga, this makes sense more sense than a proper road-going effort. Making a car that is suitable for comfortable, calm road use costs a lot more money than building a race car. Limited-run cars from small automakers can get safety exemptions and do things that larger automakers cannot do. 

All the details will be revealed on November 23. Expect a true road-going race car.

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