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Cleetus McFarland Is Taking Over the Bristol Dirt Track With a Ford Ranger Race

This will be the first time McFarland brings Danger Rangers to a dirt oval.

Cleetus McFarland is headed back to Bristol Motor Speedway but this time he’s getting dirty. The last time the YouTuber was at BMS, he and 30 other drivers were lapping the half-mile oval in Ford Crown Vics. This time, though, McFarland is bringing a pack of Ford Rangers to race on a dirt-covered BMS on April 22.

The upcoming Danger Ranger on Dirt event won’t be McFarland’s first. Typically, McFarland’s Danger Ranger events are held at his 3/8 mile oval “Freedom Factory” track in Bradenton, Florida, where McFarland and friends race old Rangers on tarmac. The most recent one was in October of last year, in which there were two Ranger races held, B Main and A Main. The B Main race was first, which consisted of 30 laps, and the first and second-place finishers moved onto the A Main race. A Main was 60 laps, and its first and second-place finishers moved onto the 2.4 Hours of LeMullets.

Danger Ranger events are typically packed with old beat up Rangers wearing funny liveries and there’s usually quite a bit of contact. Last year, there were a few crashes and one truck even flipped over. The next race is on dirt, which means it’s likely going to be even more chaotic.

There’s currently no info on how many laps around BMS McFarland will be doing this time around. However, there will be three different racing events at BMS: Danger Rangers on Dirt, Midwest All-Star Compacts, and Demo Drags. The latter is exactly as its name suggests—a demolition drag race. It’s an event McFarland came up with a few years ago, in which drivers race each other through the quarter-mile but the twist is that they have to make contact with each other at least once before crossing the finish line and it leads to some genuinely funny moments. I’m not sure how that’s going to work on the dirt track at BMS but it’s going to be fun.

Danger Ranger on Dirt will kick off on April 22 at 1:00 PM and run until 11:00 PM. McFarland will return to BMS once again for the BMS 1000 and Cleetus & Cars on September 2 and 3.

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