Pigeon Perishes In Roller Coaster Accident at Ferrari Land

R.I.P. our little feathered friend.

byMax Goldberg|
Ferrari News photo


Ferrari Land officially opens Friday and already one of the Italian amusement park's roller coasters has claimed a casuality—one pigeon. 

The incident happened when the Ferrari roller coaster was making one of its first trips. As you can see in the video below, the man in the sports coat was enjoying the coaster when a pigeon dived into his neck and exploded.

About five seconds following the incident, you can see the man go through four stages of emotion; shock, fear, disgust and complete denial. After throwing the bird off his neck, the man continues to enjoy the ride with avian blood all over the right side of his face.

No word on who the pigeon was working for but it appears his death was in vain. This video is just another reason why you should never sit in the front row of a roll coaster and why birds should steer clear of amusement parks. 

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