Trucker On Drugs Drives Non-Stop From Seattle To Massachusetts

Thankfully, he didn’t kill anyone along the way.

byGabriel Loewenberg|
Trucks photo

The Deerfield Police Department reported on their Facebook page that they arrested Gary Robbins, a long-haul trucker from Homer, Alaska. Robbins had stopped for gas at a Circle-K while en-route from Seattle, WA to a destination somewhere on the East Coast. While filling up, Robbins managed to lock his keys in the truck. This caused Robbins to start acting erratically, which ultimately led to his arrest.

The Recorder provided some additional details. After locking himself out, Robbins was running around the parking lot, acting confrontational to other customers. He shoved his credit cards in to the gas tank of his rig. Eventually, he tried to get back in the truck, unsuccessfully, by crawling through the space between the cab and trailer. Circle-K employees called the police, and rightfully so. 

When police arrived and talked to Robbins, he had two very interesting things to tell them. First, he admitted to being on drugs; which was painfully obvious to the officers. Those drugs were cocaine, LSD, and crystal methamphetamine. The second item of interest was that he had driven from Seattle, to his current location in Deerfield, non-stop while using said drugs. Robbins was arrested, taken to a local hospital, and faces all sorts of charges stemming from the incident. His licence was immediately revoked and his truck impounded. 

According to Google Maps, the shortest route from Seattle to the Circle-K, where Robbins was arrested, is 2,980 miles. Google calculates the trip as taking 44 hours. Information on Robbins' exact route, or how long he was behind the wheel, has not been released. It could not have been a shorter distance or time than Google estimates. Thankfully, in his drug-addled 44 hours, or more, of non-stop driving, Robbins didn't kill or injury anyone along the way.

Google Maps Screenshot via Gabriel Loewenberg