This 1,000-HP Acura Integra Can Run the Quarter Mile in 10.2 Seconds

Apparently, you actually can put 1,000 horsepower to the front wheels alone.

byMax Goldberg|
Acura News photo

From now on, whenever people say it’s difficult to put over 300 wheel horsepower to the ground on a front wheel drive car, we're just going to laugh. The gentleman with the car in this article throws 1,000 whp to the ground in his old Acura Integra. Granted, his Integra has undergone heavy modification, but it's still a front wheel drive car at the end of the day.

According to KSL.comowner Chase Jenson got the car in 2011 and had a few setbacks in his build. Jenson initially swapped in a 1.6-liter dual cam VTEC four-cylinder with a turbo into the Integra, but that kicked the can after several thousand miles. He then opted for a 1.8-liter until he could save up enough money for an LS/VTEC with a bigger turbo making 600 hp. However, the engine once again bit the dust.

Chase Jenson

After some serious saving, Jenson swapped in an LS/VTEC engine with Golden Eagle cylinder sleeves, Manley Turbo Tuff connecting rods, CP pistons, Garret GTX4292r turbocharger, a pair of Tial 44 mm wastegates and a 50mm blowoff valve Jenson also installed a Weldon 2345a fuel pump and a flurry of other Weldon parts to ensure fuel was delivered properly to the high-revving engine. . (If you haven’t taken the hint, he really started throwing money at the build.) The build was tuned by Courtney Green...and according to, the resulting car makes 1,000 whp.

The half-mile record for a front wheel drive car is 188 miles per hour and Jenson made it to 185 mph. However, we find the more impressive numbers to be his quarter mile: 10.2 seconds at 157 mph.