This Ford F-150 Convertible Has Us Scratching Our Heads

Please, leave this to the new Bronco.

byCaleb Jacobs|
This Ford F-150 Convertible Has Us Scratching Our Heads

You don't have to tell us customization can get a bit out of hand. Whether it's an engraved JDM hero or what once was a BMW X6, we see it all too often. This example may not be as extreme, but it still brings up the question—why?

A company named NewPort Convertible makes customization like this a norm at their shop. They've hacked on seemingly everything including a 2-door Tesla Model S convertible and specialized hunting vehicles, making this Ford F-150 Platinum seem run of the mill.

The truck's unique soft top is power retractable, helping you cruise down the Hollywood equivalent of America's flyover states with plush style and convenience. It really doesn't even take up that much bed space, proving its somewhat versatile nature.

It's interesting to see that the demand is out there for a vehicle like this. We know that pickups aren't just for farmers, but you wouldn't figure it would be for those who wanted open top thrills to match their rugged off road adventures. On second thought, wouldn't you just buy a Jeep Wrangler for that?