Uber Driver Stabs Passenger For “Disrespecting” His Honda Civic, Police Say

The injured passenger and his wife reportedly tried to get the driver’s attention by knocking on the car window.

byAaron Brown|
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An Uber driver was arrested after reportedly stabbing a passenger several times after the rider "disrespected" his Civic, according to authorities.

When police responded to a report of a fight in a shopping center in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, on Saturday, authorities found two men attacking each other in the back seat of a 2012 Honda Civic. They said they noticed one of the men, the 49-year-old Uber passenger, had several stab wounds to his face, back, and chest. Police then arrested the 23-year-old Uber driver, Jacob Allemon, at the scene of the incident, The Detroit Free Press reports.

According to police, the male Uber rider and his wife ordered an Uber from a holiday party as a ride home. When the Uber showed up, the couple tapped on the Civic's window to let the driver know they were his passengers, The Detroit Free Press writes. Apparently, that was enough to set Allemon off, reportedly leading him to feel that his passengers were disrespecting his car.

“Allemon felt his vehicle was disrespected when the victim tapped on the window,” a police statement said, Jalopnik reported.

Allen reportedly took the couple about a mile before he pulled into the parking lot of a mall and made the victim get out of the car. The victim purportedly asked the driver if he and his wife might be able to just wait for another Uber, but apparently, that didn't go over well.

As the driver and the victim brawled, the 49-year-old was stabbed several times by the driver, but the victim managed to disarm Allemon and hold him off until authorities got to the scene, police said. The victim was taken to a local hospital and released the next day. Allemon was charged with assault and arraigned, with bail set at $250,000.

“What has been described here is appalling,” a spokesperson from Uber said to Jalopnik. Following the incident, Allemon has been banned from using the ride-sharing app.

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