This Is Our Best Look Yet at the Mid-Engined Porsche 911 RSR

The race car will be officially unveiled this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

byAaron Brown|
This Is Our Best Look Yet at the Mid-Engined Porsche 911 RSR

The current Porsche 911 RSR has no problem dominating  race tracks around the world, but apparently the German automaker believes there's room for improvement. A new 911 factory race car is almost here—but this time, if the rumors are true, the 911 RSR will be mid-engined, making it the first factory-made 911 with engine between the axles.

Porsche has been quiet regarding details on the new 911 RSR, but recently, it's been dropping more and more hints about the race car. Last week, the automaker took to Twitter to drop several teaser videos of the 911 RSR demolishing a race track, calling the new race car "the most spectacular" and "hottest" Porsche 911 ever—which are some seriously bold claims.

Following those tweets, Porsche dropped a press release with a sketch of the new race car. As you can see above, this drawing shows the 911 RSR in the most detail we've seen yet.

From the image, we can make out massive vents on the sides, which further hints that the car is mid-engined. As we've seen on the Boxter and Cayman, Porsche uses those side vents to bring air to the motor. We're guessing a similar strategy is at play here. Additionally, it looks like there are some vents above the rear wind screen, which shows where air could be vented from now mid-mounted motor compartment- lining up with the test car we saw at Sebring in October.

If there's anything that can get us pumped up, it's a new, factory-built-and-developed race car from Porsche. We'll be sure to bring you the latest from the Los Angeles Auto Show floor where the boys from Stuttgart will be pulling the covers off of their new race car this week. Stay tuned.