Car Bibles Solved the Mystery of Where Mary Kay Cars Come From and How Expensive They Really Are

Plus: An old Chevy Sonic gets a second life as a track car, used BMW buying tips, and the end of a short Subaru Outback saga.

byAndrew P. Collins| PUBLISHED Aug 13, 2021 6:11 PM
Car Bibles Solved the Mystery of Where Mary Kay Cars Come From and How Expensive They Really Are

This week on Car Bibles we finally published a piece we'd been working on for a while: A rundown of where those pink Mary Kay Cadillacs come from, and just how much multi-level marketing hustling you need to do to get one.

We also saw the end of our sad Subaru Outback saga (it's repaired, but not being built up for adventures after all), got to see an old Chevy have the best retirement ever, got a guest writer to tell us why the Bronco II needs more love, and more!

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Those Pink Mary Kay Cadillacs Cost a Lot More Than Money

I have to admit that until Kevin Williams pitched me this story, I thought those pink Cadillacs with "Mary Kay" emblems were some kind of weird trim level made up by a local car dealer. But, no, Mary Kay is a multi-level marketing company ostensibly slinging cosmetics.

The Cadillacs are in fact a brand signature, and an incentive you can essentially unlock if you sell a certain quantity of Mary Kay products. But the details of the deal are a little stickier than that, as the story explains.

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I Lost Money on My Subaru Outback, but Mostly I’m Just Glad It’s Out of My Life

Remember when Chris Rosales "bought a Subaru Outback and it exploded immediately?" Yeah, well, he fixed it! Then it broke again. Then he fixed it again! But, in the end, this story is about how you figure out when it's time to throw in the towel and sell a project to move on.

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My Old 200,000-Mile Chevy Sonic Got a Second Life as a Track Toy

Kevin Williams' Chevy Sonic had a hard life as an Uber car, but now it's living the best retirement a cheap compact vehicle could ask for as a track rat owned by a driving instructor.

It actually looks kind of badass with the hood missing and a little number in the window there, no?

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Why I Love My 1986 Ford Bronco II, A Criminally Underrated Classic 4×4

While we're all forever drowning in a sea of Bronco hype, the Bronco II is generally written off as an "also-ran" or "total piece of junk" depending on who you ask.

Guest writer Cassy Leone stepped up to give their take on this model, and why they're actually pretty awesome.

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When BMW 135i Prices Look Too High You Might Find an M235i Is a Better Buy

This is a scenario I find myself in every now and then: Start looking for one car for sale, watch its prices go stratospheric, only to discover it might make sense to pick up the newer model instead. Peter Nelson explores this a little with the 135i and M235i in particular.

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2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing Reviews Are In: This Might Be the New King of Combustion

We had a few Review Rundowns this week, but the big Blackwing was the coolest car on the list. I'm kind of shocked that such a car is even allowed to exist, which is kind of exactly why it's awesome.

Check that story out to get a nice and full picture of what that car's like to drive from a whole bunch of experienced perspectives.

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