That TRX-Jumping YouTuber Sends a Lamborghini Urus Flying Over an Aventador

Turns out, 18 criminal charges isn’t enough to stop one YouTuber from pulling off more sweet jumps.

byChris Tsui|
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We probably should've seen this coming back when Lamborghini first announced the Urus SUV; but someone's officially jumped the family Lambo over the roof of—you guessed it—another Lambo. Naturally, it's all brought to you by YouTuber Street Speed 717 a.k.a. Mike Hyssong a.k.a. the same dude who was slapped with 18 criminal charges by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission after infamously jumping his Ram 1500 TRX over and on some publicly protected wetlands.

His latest click-mining stunt: Jump a Lamborghini Urus over a Lamborghini Aventador, a premise so quintessentially dudebro-auto-YouTube that it easily could've been ripped from a parody of dudebro automotive YouTube.

YouTube | Street Speed 717

In a not-so-subtle reference to his previous legal troubles, Hyssong cheekily assures his audience that it's all being done on his private farm in "the Italian countryside" and nowhere near the United States or the state of Pennsylvania, no sir. "Long drive and a flight but it's worth it because then you come here, I don't have to worry about any laws in the United States so it's really cool and obviously the Lambos are right at home," he says in the video. Right.

We can't definitively speak to whether this latest Street Speed 717 video—which, in addition to the jump, shows the Urus and a Porsche 911 randomly sliding around a field—will prompt any further trouble for Hyssong with the law but we're sure the appropriate authorities will be watching pretty closely. 

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