Video: Runaway Car Wheel Blindsides Man on Sidewalk, Launching Him out of Frame

The man suffered minor head injuries and a bruised liver as a result of the collision.

So imagine you’re at the bar one evening, pounding down a cold one with your mates, and then out of nowhere, a tire blindsides you, catapulting you out of your seat. That’s exactly what happened to Cleyton Gomes da Silvia while he was hanging out on a sidewalk in Goiania, Brazil. Raw video captured the poor guy getting nailed by the runaway wheel as it came off a passing vehicle as he was perched up at a curbside bar.

According to the Daily Mail, da Silva suffered numerous head injuries as well as a bruised liver following the incident, which is detailed in the video. That’s on top of the fact that da Silva appears to be injured from a previous instance as a crutch can be seen within his reach. It’s hard to tell if the playback of the video is sped up, but you can see da Silva just hanging out at the roadside bar before a vehicle up the street starts to throw sparks, presumably from its now wheel-less axle.

Da Silva looks up the street, as he likely heard some sort of commotion from the vehicle as it screeched its tires. Initially, he doesn’t think much of it—that is, until the runaway wheel comes into the video’s frame at an alarmingly high speed, crashing into da Silva.

His friend, also sitting nearby in the white baseball cap, watched in awe as the tire flew in suddenly. After the collision with da Silva, he could be seen getting into his car and chasing after the passing vehicle, who reportedly failed to stop even while driving on only three wheels.

Police later caught up with the motorist who could be facing charges, depending on the investigation.