Biking on Giant Circular Saw Blades Is All Fun and Games Until You Wipe Out

That’s one way to get better traction in the ice, I guess.

byStef Schrader|
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Remember when we thought that our post-apocalyptic wasteland would feature a nice, dry heat? Oh, how sweet and naïve we once were. If the past week or so has demonstrated anything, it's that our dystopian hellscape future may have some brutal cold spells, and we'll have to pivot our Mad Max-worthy builds accordingly. 

Fortunately, YouTube channel The Q figured out a seemingly perfect way to get around on the ice that doesn't rely on those hot commodities known as "fuel" or "power." All it takes is a pair of legs and a lower sense of self-preservation than usual! Saw blades, folks. We're talking about big friggin' saw blades. 

YouTube | The Q

The mad geniuses at The Q figured out a way to modify a bicycle to roll on saw blades in place of the wheels. It's like a Garage 54 auto project that you know is going to end poorly: You know that some grade-F safety-third shenanigans are going on, but you can't look away. It's a weirdly fascinating build, and also a mildly concerning one if you've ever had a wheel come loose mid-ride. 

The saw blades don't work as wheels without some modification to the pointy ends. As-is, the blades try to saw through the ice. After adding some extra perpendicular bars on the saw blades, the saw wheels are able to grip on the ice and work pretty well. 

Just don't fall and chew up a leg. (Or bruise your butt, which I can personally confirm hurts like crazy.)

It's worth noting that studded bicycle tires are real things that exist, and you should probably try those long before you decide to use giant saw blades as wheels. 

Clearly, this is a build for after the complete collapse of society, when refilling the toilet bowl with melted snow is the least of your troubles. You found a defunct sawmill and need transportation. Whatever shall you do? All that's missing from this build is a flat black paint job, some maybe-decorative-maybe-not skulls and a flamethrower, but this is an early-stage apocalypse build. Baby steps, baby steps.

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