Loud, Lifted ‘Mutant Hunter’ Pontiac Trans Am Will Strike Fear In Both Smokey and the Bandit

Ride into Valhalla sans the shiny chrome.

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If you have a soft spot for the Pontiac Firebird's iconic screaming chicken and, well, screaming, then this is the perfect build for you. D2K Motors recently purchased a ridiculously loud Mad Max-ified Pontiac Trans Am, and it is easily the best thing I've seen (and heard) on the Internet all month. 

I, too, stan the screaming chicken, but you have to admit that Smokey and the Bandit replicas are a dime a dozen. Noise-ordinance-baiting lifted Trans Ams with vulture skeletons painted on the hood are not. 

YouTube | D2K Motors

The D2K Motors crew purchased this Trans Am project already fully built up for Wasteland Weekend, where fans of post-apocalyptic fiction get to live out their dystopian desert hellscape dreams and ride around in some incredibly cool vehicles in the process. That's why metal grates, rebar and skeletons are as much a part of this "Vulture: Mutant Hunter" Trans Am's aesthetic as the big off-road tires and lifted body. 

It's not perfect yet, as the car was left to sit for a while by its previous owner, and then sat a couple more years in D2K Motors' possession. There are still wires dangling down under the dashboard from when someone tried to steal it, for one. 

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Yet its roughness is part of its appeal. It wouldn't be a good cinema-worthy apocalypse if all the cars remained shiny and chrome, would it? D2K Motors' shop has some genuinely beautiful cars in it, yet the lifted Trans Am is the one I'd choose to ride into Valhalla. It's a car you can hoon around in the mud—which they do—with no regrets. It also sounds completely gnarly even after they add mufflers. 

This video is just part one of their vlogs on this car, so keep a close eye on D2K Motors' YouTube channel here for updates on this wild ride's return to glory (and mud). Given that it was posted in the Gambler 500 Rally Group on Facebook, I hope it has many dirty adventures ahead of it.

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