Resourceful Parents Add Makeshift Snow Plow to Son’s Ride-On Truck So He Can Help Shovel

Get that “free” labor.

byRob Stumpf|
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It's funny how our perception of winter changes as we get older. It seems like only yesterday when we could spend countless hours in the fluffy snow building forts, having snowball fights, sledding, and just enjoying ourselves overall. As we grow older, we dread shoveling the stuff, salting, and the commuting nightmares that are associated with snow. However, one family in Kalamazoo, Michigan knows this problem all too well and recently found an adorable alternative to shoveling their own driveway. How? By fastening a makeshift snowplow to their three-year-old son's GMC Sierra ride-on toy.

Alicia Carrasco Silva and her husband Daniel own a lawn care business and often feature photos of their son Noah posed as if he was doing all the work. This time of year, they spend a lot more time dealing with snow than grass, so it made a lot of sense to have fun with the kids, especially considering it's a family business. When the snow started falling, Alicia and Daniel affixed a snow shovel to Noah's GMC Sierra ride-on car as a makeshift plow and put him to work shoveling out the driveway, filming the entire scene to share on Facebook.

via Facebook | CS Lawncare

Needless to say, it was a hit. Almost immediately local news stations and Facebook pages began picking up on the viral sensation and the Carrasco Silvas quickly learned how much the internet loves it when kids turn chores into adorable activities.

Now, I'm not saying that you should get any ideas, but if you hate shoveling snow as much as I do and happen to also have a young child, one of these electric toy trucks can be had on Amazon for a one-time cost of $200—a pretty good bargain for not having to shovel the sidewalk or driveway, if you ask me.

Personally, I've just about had it with shoveling this year, so when it snows again next week, you better believe that I'll be calling Noah and his homemade plow to get the job done.

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