Jeremy Clarkson Hospitalized for Pneumonia

So much for "We don't do hospitals."

Despite Jeremy Clarkson’s insistence that he and his colleagues at The Grand Tour

“don’t do hospitals,” for the second time this summer, a Grand Tour presenter has found himself—get this—in a hospital. 

This time, it’s Clarkson’s turn in the wheelchair as he has apparently come down with pneumonia while on a particularly lit family vacation in Majorca. Confirmed Sunday by a Grand Tour spokesperson speaking to the BBC, Clarkson’s new patient status is corroborated by a series of posts on his various feeds on social media. In addition to Tweeting to a friend about being “in a wheelchair, connected up to tubes, in a hospital,” the famously outspoken auto journalist also posted a picture of said tubes to Instagram.

In a post to DriveTribe, Clarkson thanks his fans for the well wishes and states that he’ll be out of commission “for quite some time apparently” before joking about how this is the first time he’s had a day off work since 1978.

With Hammond still recovering from his harrowing Rimac spill back in June, this leaves Captain Slow in the proverbial captain’s chair around the Grand Tour offices for the next little while.

With season two of Amazon’s car show scheduled to begin in October, it looks like James has his work cut out for him. Perhaps they can fill out the next season of The Grand Tour with footage of May righteously un-pimping rides. I’d watch that.

In the meantime, we wish the big, British buffoon a speedy recovery.