Richard Hammond Is Already Driving Another Electric Vehicle

Its headline feature: dedicated crutch storage.

byChris Tsui|
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Two weeks after wrecking a Rimac Concept_One and momentarily convincing his colleagues, his family, and the automotive world that he was dead yet again, Richard Hammond looks to be recovering quite well. In fact, he's already tearing around in another electric car. Okay, it's actually a wheelchair. Might be best if he held off on the high-octane (high-voltage?) stuff for the foreseeable future anyways. 

In a DriveTribe post Friday, Hammond gives us an update on life after coming home from the Swiss hospital and shows off his new wheels, "an old electric wheelchair salvaged from a local farmer's barn and tastefully restored." Thanks to some drainpipe, cable ties, and a helping hand, the Hamster's chair has been home-modified to include a place to store his crutches. Should make it easy for him to hobble away to safety in the event that he flips this EV as well. Too soon?

Season 2 of The Grand Tour is scheduled to start this October on Amazon Video. However, don't be surprised if that gets pushed back a bit, understandably, in the wake of Hammond's latest mishap. Perhaps they can replace whatever road trip/power test/destructive shenanigan items Richard is missing with footage of him attempting to perform household tasks in his new mobility chair instead.

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