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Here’s Richard Hammond On His Hospital Bed ‘Not Dead,’ Post-Crash

The Hamster is certifiably 'not dead,' 'mostly ok,' and swigging gin.

Some scary moments yesterday out of Switzerland when The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond had to be airlifted to hospital after wrecking a Rimac Concept One electric supercar on a hillclimb course. Despite the massive crash and subsequent fire, Hammond came away with no serious injuries, citing only a fractured knee. According to Amazon, Richard was conscious, got out of the car himself, and was able to talk. The cause of the crash currently remains under investigation.

In a bed-side video posted to Drivetribe earlier this morning, Richard himself gives us an update, eases our concerns, and confirms that he is, as his co-star Jeremy Clarkson put it on Twitter, “mostly ok.”

Richard, from his current abode in St Gallen hospital in Switzerland, hopes to have his knee operated on sometime today, turning it into a “Swiss Army knee”, confirming that yesterday’s accident hasn’t affected his sense of humor. He then thanks all of the first responders and medical personnel that have dealt with him, and also James May for reasons that they’d probably prefer not be documented in writing. 

Most importantly perhaps, Richard apologizes to his wife and daughters for putting himself in danger yet again, with the help of a certain flowery-sleeved cameraman’s arm.

The Grand Tour returns to your screens this October.