Ex-James Bond Mercury Cougar XR7 For Sale Could Go From Her Majesty’s Secret Service to Your Garage

This gorgeous drop-top 1969 model from George Lazenby's only Bond film still has the ski racks from the Swiss chase scene.

The only James Bond film to have George Lazenby as its titular character also featured one of its most underrated cars: a lovely Candy Apple Red 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 convertible, complete with ski racks. It was Bond girl Countess Tracy di Vicenzo’s ride in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and now thanks to an upcoming Bonhams auction, it can be yours. 

Part of the Cougar’s charm is the feeling that it just didn’t belong. The Kneissl skis propped up at an angle off the back certainly look cool, but the fact that the only thing separating the cabin and the sky was a black fabric top looked downright cold. This live-axle, rear-wheel-drive drop-top appeared in a car chase through a Swiss village in the Alps. To make things even more awesome, the big Cougar ended up crashing an ice race to bash fenders with Volkswagen Beetles, Ford Escorts and Mini Coopers.

Fortunately, this one—one of three Cougar XR7s in this spec ordered for the film that are known to survive today—lacks that body damage. It was used for a barn scene filmed at Pinewood Studios in England, sparing it from carnage. The Ian Fleming Foundation, which has a collection of 40 ex-Bond movie cars, claims that there was a fourth Cougar XR7 used in the film that sustained heavy damage during the filming of the ice race chase, and was subsequently scrapped.

Even without the film tie-in, this would be an awesome classic. The Cougars used in the film all have the 428-ci. 4V Cobra Jet Ram Air V8, C-6 Select Shift three-speed automatic transmission, a 3.50 conventional rear axle, Ram Air induction, Hauser Racing Traction-Lock limited-slip differential, front disc brakes, power steering and even hood pins. The black convertible top is powered and features a glass rear window. Inside, there are dark red leather bucket seats, color-keyed floor mats, a center console, tilt steering and AM radio. Styled steel wheels, a set of front bumper guards and temporary red French visitor license plates round out the look. 


According to Bonhams, this Cougar XR7 just completed a full restoration that took the car completely apart such that they could acid-dip the body panels and repaint everything in the correct shade of Ford’s Candy Apple Red. It received a full mechanical restoration as well, which is documented in detail in the car’s history file. 

Bonhams expects the car to fetch between $130,000 and $200,000 U.S. when it heads to auction on December 16, but for a one-of-three cool piece of car film history, that seems fair. You can view the full listing (with more photos) here. All we have to say is, it better come with the skis. 

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