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2021 Ford Bronco Won’t Offer Those Cool Donut Doors

Turns out that customized Cyber Orange Bronco you've been lusting over has a few pieces of unobtanium bolted on.

Early photos of highly customized 2021 Ford Bronco prototypes did lots to whet appetites for the off-road SUV and its catalog of official accessories. But if you read the fine print on those photos, you’d have noticed Ford said the “aftermarket accessories shown [are] not available for sale. Prototype not representative of production vehicle.” Sadly, this means those donut doors won’t be available at any point, as a Ford spokesperson confirmed in a recent statement.

“We’ve always touted the Bronco two-door with the stylized doors as one of the ways we are looking at personalization opportunities,” commented Ford Icons spokesperson Jiyan Cadiz to Ford Authority, emphasizing that the windowed doors were no more than design flourishes for the catalog concept. “The same vehicle features a two-inch lift, custom wheels, and unique interior.”

2021 Ford Bronco catalog concept, Ford

Ford’s unwillingness to bring these doors to market shouldn’t come as the greatest surprise—never mind the fine print; having a glass panel by the driver’s feet while driving a narrow a trail seems like an accident waiting to happen. Even so, this’ll come as a disappointment to those who sought to outfit their Bronco like the concept shown here.

But this accessory’s exclusion won’t mean the 2021 Bronco will be wanting for an airy, well-lit interior. It’ll still have a removable roof and easily detached doors, which some will replace with door bars like those seen on modified Jeep Wranglers. And if door bars aren’t a part of Ford’s official catalog of over 200 accessories for the Bronco, you can be darned sure the aftermarket will fill in the gap.

Speaking of which, don’t be too surprised if said aftermarket winds up supplying windowed doors like the Bronco prototype’s. Some of the people disappointed by this news will have fabrication skills, and when that kind of person can’t buy their way to what they want, they’ll cut, grind, and weld a path instead.

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