11-year-old in Lamborghini Huracan Smokes Man in Corvette

The children are our future and that future is fast.

byBen Keeshin|
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No matter how cute it is to see some towheaded toddler peeking out from behind the wheel of a sports car, we should all agree that letting children drive 600-horsepower Lamborghinis is a poor idea. Considering the rate at which adults wrap bits of Sant'Agata Bolognese sheet metal around palm trees and telephone poles, allowing a person in light-up sneakers access to the accelerator is a recipe for certain tragedy. But what if the kid is 11 years old, and with his dad, and driving on a drag strip against a man in a C7 Corvette? And what if the kid wins?

We're sold. In an Instagram posted by Corsa Performance, a customizing shop in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in wraps, an 11-year old boy looking like nothing so much as a young Bieber fires up the 610-horsepower V-10 of a Lamborghini Huracan, flashes a casual "peace" at the camera man, and proceeds to blast down the drag strip, handing the C7 Corvette and its post-pubescent owner a loss. (To be fair, the Lamborghini costs six times as much as the 'Vette.) This can't be his first run: even among super cars, the Huracan is known for particularly savage power delivery, so a driver adjusted more to Fisher Price Power Wheels-levels of thrust surely wouldn't be able to keep the accelerator pinned for long.

Following this video, The Drive has officially changed our position on 11 year-olds driving Lamborghinis. If done with this much panache, and on a closed course under the supervision of a parent, we are 100% percent in favor of children in supercars. Just, now, watch that they don't come away with attendant egos. [EDIT: Only if the child-drivers are wearing seatbelts, as is ambiguously the case, here. Good Lord.]

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