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Adorable eBussy EV Is the Best Volkswagen Bus Not Built by VW

It's a totally modular successor of sorts, but it's built by another German company named Electric Brands.

There are so many things the world is looking forward to in 2021, like getting rid of 2020 and never thinking about it again. Ever. Now we have the eBussy to add to the list—an endearing, hippy-bus-looking EV that’s the product of German company Electric Brands. 

Electric Brands started with electric scooters and in late 2018 decided to create the best and most innovative electric light-duty vehicle in the world. It’s important to set goals in life and while it’s impossible to tell without driving one, it looks like they might’ve met theirs. Essentially, it’s the answer for everyone who’s tired of waiting for Volkswagen’s long-overdue electric ID.Buzz.

The eBussy’s party-piece is that it’s fully modular with two chassis variants: off-road and urban. It can transform from a minivan into a pickup truck, flatbed, or even a dump truck, with 10 different body styles on-offer. Driving positions can be changed from left- to right-hand and even center-drive by literally sliding the steering wheel across the dashboard. This is possible thanks to drive-by-wire technology, meaning the steering wheel and pedals are not mechanically connected to the wheels.

No matter the body style, each eBussy model will be powered by a 10-kilowatt-hour battery pack as standard, which can supposedly provide 124 miles of range with the potential for more thanks to solar panels on the roof and regenerative braking. A 30-kWh battery pack is also available, boosting range to 373 miles on its own or 497 miles with the help of solar power. Electric Brands even plans on having battery stations where eBussy owners can exchange drained batteries for charged ones.

This EV is designed to be a light-duty utility vehicle for hauling stuff—or people—around, and driving force comes from in-hub electric motors producing just 20 horsepower but 737 pound-feet of torque. Thankfully, that twist is sent to all four wheels. The eBussy’s weight ranges from 992 to 1,322 pounds and it can carry 2,220 pounds. Pricing is light, too, with the base model starting at the equivalent of $18,273, and the most expensive variant, the Offroad Camper, priced at $33,309.

Here’s to hoping they’ll spread the joy and sell these in the United States, too.

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