VW Drops Diesels; Will Build EV’s in US by 2021

As they decide against further diesel production, VW outlines their plan for the coming years.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Electric Vehicles photo

As the hunt for a Dieselgate solution continues, Volkswagen has decided to set its focus on EV production. The company’s recent woes have stirred up enough trouble to sway them towards a steadily inclining electric program with aims to sell 2-3 million EV’s by the year 2025. That’s a big number in terms of both sales and production, so to keep up with demand, VW plans on producing them here in America. Building them in the US will not only help American workers’ pocketbooks, but also Volkswagen’s ties with the consumer market on this side of the pond.

This move comes in light of VW’s recent implementation of a program that will cut almost 30,000 jobs. The decision to do so will save them around 3.7 billion Euros, a substantial figure that will surely help in their company wide shift toward efficient autos. This response may help gain back the people’s trust in what is already a tainted relationship. VW has been taking hits left and right over the past year, leading to this crucial movement that will help bring down their overall ecological footprint which is especially large due to the size of the brand.

In effort to reduce their environmental impact, VW Audi plans to build 30 battery-powered electric cars through 2025. The manufacturer wishes to increase their market share in the United States as they are behind GM by a hefty 15 percent. This initiative will help diversify the company’s product range, helping them to land a broader demographic for years to come. If the company can follow through with their “Strategy 2025” plan, expect to see their stake in the American stock rise up significantly.

Without a doubt, this move is a direct reaction to the drama of the EPA scandal. By capitalizing on this decision, VW will once again be pushing as the offensive force that it’s been known as in years prior. Better products and a vast customer base will help build the company’s reputation up to match their presence on a global spectrum -- and a part of it will happen right here in the US of A.