Texas Cops Under Investigation for Racing Their Patrol Cars at Local Drag Strip

That's one way to build community relations.

The actions of police officers are under a microscope right now more so than at any point in recent decades. But whatever side of the nationwide debate you’re on, you’ll be glad to know this latest law enforcement controversy doesn’t involve the use of deadly force. Or anything serious, really. 

That’s right. These two sheriff’s deputies from Dallas County are in a bit of a sticky situation after they decided they wanted to race each other—completely legally if I might add—at the local Yello Belly dragstrip in Grand Prairie, Texas. We know all of this thanks to a video of the event that went viral online, and a report by local news station WFAA.

The video shows two Dodge Charger Pursuits racing side by side down the strip, accompanied by a crowd of cheering bystanders. It’s unfortunately not clear whether these two PPVs were equipped with the standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 making 292 horsepower, or the optional 5.7-liter Hemi V8 that makes a more stout 370 hp. But judging by the less-than-exciting pace these two make down the strip, I would go with the former. 

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office says that not only was the deputy’s participation not authorized, but they only learned about the incident once a video of the race was posted online. But while the sheriff’s office may not like it, the reaction from the community is a different story. 

“We saw it as a sign on positivity, based on [what] we have going on in this country,” said one participant. “We don’t think it’ll be right if they got in trouble.”

We have reached out to Yello Belly Dragstrip for comment, but they have not gotten back to us as of now. 

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