This Java Metallic 2011 Saab 9-5 Aero Is a Spotless Example of the Last Real Saab

It's a metallic brown Saab. Do you need an invitation?

I don’t know, Saab just gets me all worked up. I was a little upset⁠—and also 14⁠—when the Swedish automaker went out of business, but thankfully it made the weirdest car it could for as long as it could, the final vehicle it would send to America: the last generation 9-5 sedan, produced from late 2009 to early 2011.

According to, only 3,419 were shipped stateside. Of those 3,419, only 129 were Java Metallic, a deep shade of sparkly brown. Of those 129, only 12 were Aero-branded, XWD cars—the cream of the crop with AWD and 296 turbocharged horsepower courtesy of a 2.8 liter V6. I found one today whilst lurking around Autotrader and felt you’d probably want to know. I’m looking out for you, really.

The car is for sale in Cedar Falls, Iowa at a Toyota dealership of all places. You just know someone traded it in for an Avalon. It’s only got 59,712 miles on the odometer and it’s in immaculate condition. It has a Parchment leather interior and all of the Aero package trimmings, including 18-inch wheels, bi-xenon headlights, a teeny infotainment display, and a sport-tuned suspension. This car’s six-speed automatic transmission was the only option available on V6-powered 9-5s. I know, we all want brown, manual Saabs, but we just have to pick our battles here. If you want a stick you’ll have to track down a four-cylinder car.

This 9-5 is in great shape, and although the price of $19,999 sounds steep, you’re coughing up that dough for one of the rarest versions of the last real Saab ever made. I mean it may not specifically be the very last Saab ever built, just look at those exhaust tips. It’s worth it. 

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