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Watch This Race Driver Use the Force to Spinout and Pass a Rival Chevrolet Camaro

Well, how else could he have done it?

In any sort of race, whether it be professional or amateur, you’d take whatever advantage you can get over your opponents that’s within reasonable guidelines and regulations, right? But what if someone has a little help from the supernatural on their side? One racer found out that the Force most definitely exists and not just for Jedi. Details are limited but in a quick run between an undisclosed race car and an F-Body Chevrolet Camaro, the driver with the GoPro running in the back decidedly motions the Camaro ahead to get out of the way for an overtake.

And then, voila! Under a hard braking maneuver into a banked right-hander at the bottom of a hill, the Camaro seems to unexpectedly lose control and spin-out into the distance and off-camera. It definitely seems like the Force was strong with this one.

The status of the Camaro is unknown, but it appears to have been a nice and easy spin-out into the grass with no hard walls or obstacles seen at the location of the turn. It also looks like they weren’t traveling too fast, so it’s likely safe to assume the Camaro drove way from the spin-out unharmed.

Needless to say, however, others should keep an eye out for this driver, who has “RSI Motorsports” pasted on his windshield in the form of a decal.

Proud, Master Yoda would be of this race car driver.