These Are the Most-Googled Cars in Every State in America

What car is searched for the most in your state?

Different regions of the country are stereotyped for the different kinds of cars they appear to love. For example, New England is generally known for its affinity for Subarus and Volvos, the South loves its pickups, and California is all about its electric cars. A chart from GoldEagle breaks down this game of favorites according to vehicle models most-Googled by state. 

According to GoldEagle’s Google findings, the most common search favorite across all the states is the Buick Enclave. Subaru holds a similar title of having a handful of its models coming in as favorites across several states—Idaho, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, and West Virginia. In Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, the Volvo XC70 took the win as the most-Googled car. (Ah, New Englanders and their Volvos.)

The whole list can be found below. Click here for GoldEagle’s complete interpretation of the Google results.

Aaron Brown