Child’s Spot-On Sketch Helps Cops Identify Pickup Truck in Package Theft Case

With Amazon Prime Day upon us, it would just make more sense to not test the sharp eye of a juvenile vigilante.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Child’s Spot-On Sketch Helps Cops Identify Pickup Truck in Package Theft Case

Police in Springville City, Utah have been working a case regarding package thefts in the area with porch pirates lifting deliveries from neighborhood homes. While there hadn't been much to go off in terms of searching for the crooked culprits, one unlikely source of info—a local nine-year-old girl with stellar drawing skills and a surefire memory—has come through to help identify the suspect vehicle.

Serving as an eyewitness to one of the related crimes, she was asked by Springville Police Department's Corporal Curtis to sketch the vehicle she saw with as much detail as possible. In turn, she handed over a crayon-created picture that was exceptionally accurate, showing the red color of the truck and a utility rack in the bed. The youngster even remembered the location of several dents in the side of the pickup, which looks to be an early '90s-model Mazda B-series.

Officers were able to match her drawing to a truck caught on video, likely from a roof-mounted security camera.

Police report that a man and woman were spotted in the vehicle trailing a mail van. Handily for law enforcement, the two seem to be using their personal truck which should help investigators trace it back to the pair of thieves unless it was stolen from someone else. Other criminals of the sort have utilized car-sharing programs to commit these dirty deeds, initially making it more difficult to track them down...until they're sold out by GPS location and credit card info.

With as many cheap and efficient security systems that are available today, wrongdoings such as these are even more likely to be solved than ever before. Unless you've got a master plan for petty theft like this, you're better off scoring your own sweet Amazon Prime Day deal.