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Cadillac Teases Blackwing V8-Powered Super Sedan Prototype at Detroit IndyCar Race

The Drive was there to hear what sounded like a thumping V8 fly through the Belle Isle street circuit on Saturday.

Cadillac’s reveal of the upcoming CT4-V and CT5-V was met with mixed reviews as the performance-car faithful anticipated at least one if not both of the new models to sport General Motors’ new holy grail V8 engine: the Blackwing. Instead, they will get twin-turbo V6 units which, while still potent, fail to place them in direct competition with their expected European rivals. However, Cadillac may have more up its sleeve as it teased two V-Series prototypes during a run around the Belle Isle circuit in Detroit on Saturday—and luckily for us, one of the sport sedans seemed to be V8-powered.

While Cadillac is remaining quiet on the specs of these two test mules, The Drive was in attendance at the Belle Isle race weekend and heard what certainly sounded to be eight-cylinder grunt coming from the red-camo four-door’s tailpipes. 


The Blackwing will make its first appearance in the upcoming Cadillac CT6-V, boasting 4.2 liters of displacement and hot-V-mounted twin turbochargers. Horsepower is said to clock in around the 550 figure, with torque being the real star here at 627 pound-feet. While some speculated that this engine could also find its home in the soon-to-be-revealed C8 Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac said that no other GM brands are allowed to utilize its prized power plant.

The blue-camo CT4-based prototype trailed behind its bigger, more brutish brother around the Belle Isle street circuit., Cadillac

As for the official designation, or even production, of the CT5-based super sedan, there’s no news; it’ll stay that way until Cadillac fully decides on whether or not to build it. In the automaker’s press release regarding the event, it explained that these two cars were simply “a sneak peek at the future of Cadillac’s V-Series.” 

In the meantime, we’ll put on our tinfoil hats and hope for the BMW M5-fighter we all thought was coming earlier in the week.