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Flying Car Company Taking Orders For 2020 Delivery

AeroMobil is ready to take over the roads and skies.

It’s starting to look less and less like vaporware, as Slovakian flying car company AeroMobil has announced it will make its first deliveries of flying cars sometime in 2020, Reuters reports. With prices starting $1.2 million, the privilege to take either the road or the sky doesn’t come cheap, but that’s to be expected. 

According to AeroMobil, its flying car can transform into a sky-ready plane in under three minutes, during which its retractable wings fold out from being tucked in during road use. A turbocharged boxer engine that creates around 300 horsepower powers the flying car in both the sky and road, although that engine in road use powers a pair of electric motors that drive the front wheels. 

In order to own the flying car, however, owners must have both a driver’s and pilot’s license, AeroMobil Chief Communications Officer, Stefan Vadocz, said to ReutersAnd in order to actually take advantage of the flying capabilities, owners must use an airfield or other approved take-off place. Attempting to take off on a highway, then, isn’t the best idea. 

We still may be a few years out, but if AeroMobil has its way, there will be real, functioning flying cars on the road and skies in less than three years.