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Toyota 2JZ-GTE-Swapped 1977 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC Is What Tuner Dreams Are Made Of

Is it better than the original 4.5-liter V8? Some might think so.

When it comes to engine swaps, usually you hear of Chevrolet LS V8s, Nissan RB inline-sixes, or Ford Coyote V8s finding their way into some non-traditional applications. But how about a tuned Toyota 2JZ in a 1977 C107 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC?

Well, somebody did just that and it’s epic. The restomod in the limelight is specifically a hardtop version of Mercedes-Benz’s revered SL roadster. It originally came with a 2.8-liter dual-cam inline-six, or a big cast-iron V8 in 3.5-, 4.5-, or 5.0-liter form. Being a 450SLC, that means its heart, however, used to be the 4.5-liter M117 V8. Naturally, there was plenty of space to fit a Toyota 2JZ 3.0-liter inline-six, along with a smorgasbord of modifications.

Mark Riccioni – Top Gear

According to the car’s profile on SpeedHunters, the 2JZ-GTE receives a TD06 single-turbo setup, replacing the original twin-turbo arrangement. It’s then controlled by a MoTeC M600 engine management system, all with custom wiring to make sure the car works as intended. Sadly, there is no manual, but a Toyota-sourced four-speed automatic from a Japanese Domestic Market Aristo, or the Lexus GS in our market, replaces the 450SLC’s original three-speed auto.

While the engine swap is half the charm, the other half is the car’s original interior and exterior, which retains its old-school AMG modifications. Any sort of AMG mods that predate the tuning firm’s official merger with Mercedes-Benz in the mid-1990s is a treat and an ultra-rarity, no matter how you look at it. The wheels are 17-inch HWA Asteroids, modeled after original 15-inch AMG Penta-style wheels from the 1970s.

To cope with the extra power, Brembo brake system was added, complemented by Ferrari F50 calipers at the front and Ferrari F430 calipers at the rear, making this 450SLC quite the zombie car. Bilstein shock absorbers in upgraded form, who was the OEM supplier for Mercedes-Benz at the time, help suspend the car and keep its stance just perfect.

h/t: Top Gear