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This Chevrolet Pickup Truck-Bodied Party Boat Is Craigslist At Its Peak

Built for having fun and turning heads, this 14-footer is all about the good times.

Anymore, it takes a lot to stand out in the flooded project car haven that is Craigslist. A well-worded, thoughtfully crafted ad can only get you so far, and the item you’re pushing has to be up-to-snuff with the description that’s been formulated to get the most ka-ching out of each sale. However, the owner of this 1996 Glastron Chevrolet 1500 pickup/boat got let off easy since theirs is likely the only one to be found in our outside the Northeast.

Surprisingly, this amalgamation calls New England home rather than the deep South. It’s there that you’re more likely to see this type of MacGyver-like creation, but nonetheless, the truck-turned-boat (or maybe it’s the other way around?) offers something that others don’t: no, it’s not amphibious—it can’t drive on land—but it’s had the type of plastic surgery that’ll have Ma hollerin’ for Pa to look out the wind’er at the floating truck going down the crick.


It’s powered not by a 350-cubic-inch Chevy small block, but rather a 115-horsepower Mercury engine that mounts handily to the rear of the 14-and-a-half-foot fiberglass body. The truck/boat has 33-inch tires underneath it, though they’re not all that functional seeing as it isn’t road legal. Finally, it’s got a reported 17 inches of body clearance, making it capable enough to gallivant through any condition it sees fit.


The uncommon hybrid is also well-outfitted as it seats four and has all the necessary equipment for hitting the water such as blue LEDs across the top and working headlights. You won’t have any luck getting a title with the purchase, though, as the listing explains that one isn’t required for boats under 16 feet.

Whether or not it’s worth the $9,900 asking price is up to you, but here’s one way to look at it: you can buy this or a used Smart ForTwo, and both are about as practical as the other.

[H/T: Mike Spinelli!]