Bugatti Teases Unquestionably Expensive, 1-of-1, 57SC Atlantic-Inspired Hypercar

Bugatti is hinting that it will pay tribute to the Type 57SC Atlantic, possibly with a one-off Chiron variant, built for a former VW executive.

On the eve of the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti’s hype campaign for a one-off model to be displayed at the event has reached its peak.

“In Geneva next week, we are really going to show you something extraordinary: a one-of-one bringing together the past, the present, and the future,” stated Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann in a video released Friday on the brand’sFacebookk page. Posted with the video were a series of hashtags, most notable of which are #BugattiAtlantic and #Type57SC, allusions to Bugatti’s historic Type 57SC Atlantic coupes.

Bugatti has used these hashtags on a series of buildup videos posted to its social media, starting on Feb. 18. All pay tribute to the long-lost Type 57SC Atlantic chassis four, which disappeared in 1941 en route to Bordeaux, France. According to the series of videos, Bugatti has been working on applying the Type 57SC’s design features—such as its midline seam and unique taillight—to a modern Bugatti, one which Winkelmann has suggested will be shown Tuesday in Geneva.

Rumors of the car suggest it to be based on the 1,500-horsepower, three million-dollar Chiron, with custom “longtail” bodywork, implied by the above to be derived from the Type 57SC Atlantic. It is alleged to cost €16 million EUR ($18.1 million USD), and be destined for the garage of former Volkswagen Auto Group Chairman Dr. Ferdinand Piech.

This 57SC Atlantic tribute is alleged to debut alongside a limited-run Chiron, built in small numbers to celebrate the marque’s 110th anniversary. All questions about what Bugatti has in store for the Geneva Motor Show will be answered when the show kicks off Tuesday.