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EV Startup Karma Announces Partnership With Pininfarina for Future Products

Details on what the two companies will produce won't be released until later this year, but will most likely include sharp-looking cars.

Karma, the automotive startup that rose from the ashes of Fisker, is teaming up with legendary Italian design house Pininfarina on future products. The details are a little vague right now, but apparently, we can expect to get more information on what it is they’re working on together as early as the second quarter of 2019.

“Karma is united in spirit with Pininfarina through our shared commitment to stunning design, and we are excited about the reaction we anticipate the end result of our partnership will generate,” Karma CEO Lance Zhou said in a statement.

Karma Automotive

Like we said, a little vague. To recap on what these two brands are up to, Karma sells one model; the Karma Revero. You might remember it as the Fisker Karma, but California-based startup Karma has been manufacturing and selling what is basically the same car in the form of the Revero since 2017. It’s a plug-in hybrid luxury sedan positioned to compete with Tesla, but can only go about 50 miles on all-electric power and it has a six-figure price tag.

As for Pininfarina, it doesn’t actually have any of its own production models right now, but it’s been talking a lot about becoming a high-end EV brand. Pininfarina was recently bought by Mahindra, the world’s largest tractor company, and apparently, the Indian conglomerate has some big ideas for what to do with the brand, which includes a 1,900-HP electric hypercar called the Battista and a 1,073-HP Rivian-based crossover.

Could we expect a new Karma model designed by Pininfarina? Will Pininfarina build a not-so-hyper, higher-volume car with Karma underpinnings? Time will tell soon enough, but we can’t wait to hear what these two ambitious brands have in mind.