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Karma’s Releases First-Ever TV Commercial for the Revero

"Few buy what they dream."

“Most people buy what they need. Some buy what they want. Few buy what they dream.”

That’s the opener for Karma’s first ever television commercial. It shows us huge mansions in exotic locations where the premium hybrid sedan is being carefully delivered by truck. Most high-end car commercials show us the car in action, but this one just shows the new Revero being slowly, carefully driven down a short ramp.

The Revero is the first and only model for the Karma brand. You may know it better as the Fisker Karma, but Fisker no longer exists and this is technically a different car. The tooling for the Karma was bought and moved from Finland to California. The car was slightly redesigned, but basically still keeps its handsome Henrik Fisker design.

This hybrid has a total of 403 horsepower with a 50-mile all-electric range, a solar panel roof, 125 mph top speed, and it does 0-60 in 5.4 seconds.

The ad goes on;

“We exist for those few who embrace the unknown without fear. Who are comfortable being different without needing to be. Who appreciate the journey and the destination. This is the car they dream of.”

So according to Karma, the Revero is a car for dreamers. Karma’s advertising is pretty good about admitting that nobody needs their product and that it isn’t very practical. It prides itself on its truly artistic design, opulent interior, and innovative technology. While it’s true that nobody needs a Karma Revero, there are worse ways to spend $130,000.

Check out the sixty-second ad here.