Smoke Out Santa Claus With These Holly Jolly Turbo LS-Swapped Porsche 944 Burnouts

Forget the sleigh. Icelandic drifter Fannar Þór's light-covered 944 slays tires.

Let’s be honest: all I want for Christmas is the wonderful ability to roast tires on demand, and Fannar Þór’s turbo LS-swapped Porsche 944 delivers. 

Look, I’m a huge scrooge through-and-through. I’ve even poo-pooed the LS swap before for being too common. Basic. Expected

But when you see what you can do with a well-done LS swap, all that grumpiness melts away. Look at this tail-happy 944. It’s built to drift, pumping out so much horsepower that the tires roast away into the kind of happy little clouds that Bob Ross would envy. 

The 944 is a great car, period, and I’m not just saying that because I own one. It’s well-balanced and downright easy to hoon around. Add ludicrous amounts of power to its nimble little chassis, and it does stuff like this: perfectly controlled drifts and donuts lit up for all to see. 

Screencap via AFS Media

Everything about this car and its blanket of Christmas lights is so right, it hurts. I guess I can get in the holiday spirit after all. Thanks, Fannar!