This Time Lapse of a Tesla Model 3 Getting Built Is Weirdly Soothing

Forget about “production hell” for a second. Gaze into the clean white abyss.

byStef Schrader|
Electric Vehicles photo

There's nothing quite as satisfying than seeing how things get built. Tesla strapped a camera inside one of its Model 3s, and the end result is a positively soothing time-lapse, complete with fresh bright white upholstery. 

While this deeply satisfying time lapse of a red-over-white Model 3 coming together doesn't absolve Tesla from labor or quality concerns, it is very cool to ride along the production line and see how one of its cars comes together. 

It's a delicate dance of human workers and robots on the production line, even if the short clip glosses over the complex nature of building a Tesla somewhat. 

Did you know that a new Model 3 drives in "Factory Mode" when it comes out, per the center screen? Now you do. Owners who've figured out how to access Factory Mode can access a ton of interesting data about the battery and other vital functions that certainly comes in handy if you need to determine if a car is truly finished or not.