These 5 Christmas-Themed Cars are the Enthusiast-Friendly Equivalents of Santa’s Sleigh

They all go above and beyond the simple reindeer antlers and Rudolph nose, dressed merrily with light, wrapping paper, and even shrubbery.

byBrian Evans| UPDATED Dec 25, 2018 12:00 PM
These 5 Christmas-Themed Cars are the Enthusiast-Friendly Equivalents of Santa’s Sleigh

It's Christmas—cheer is in the air, presents are tucked nicely under the tree, gingerbread men await their fate, and Grandma is waiting for you to visit. For most of us, we keep our decorating limited to the house, both inside and out, but these enthusiasts decided to take it one step further and spruce up their cars. So whether you're working, celebrating with family, traveling, or just relaxing at home, hopefully these festive cars can put you in the Christmas spirit. 

The Lexus GS pictured here went beyond the typical bow on the hood you see in the automaker's annual holiday commercials and went full gift-mode by getting wrapped like a present under the tree with nice shiny snowman paper. It looks like the job was done by someone with some very good wrapping skills—better than ours, to say the least.

This Honda Civic Type R features a winter style camouflage wrap around the bottom of the vehicle, and decorative Christmas lights adorn the bodywork. The festive lights serve as a sort of welcome to Santa and, just maybe, they'll guide him to the owner's home. It seems as if he's already off to a good start as we wouldn't mind having a Type R under our tree come Tuesday morning.

Granted this classic isn't exactly decorated for the holidays, it is being used for an important holiday task: bringing home the Christmas tree. Of all the vehicles you expect to fetch the Balsam Fir, a classic air-cooled 911 doesn't top the list; however, it's a welcome addition to the winter tradition. 

This Christmas creation is certainly over the top, leaving no doubt to the driver's enthusiasm for the celebration. This Land Rover has been decked out in greenery, pine cones, gigantic ornaments, lights, and presents. While it might not be ready for a high-speed blast down the motorway, this Defender is certainly delivering plenty of Christmas spirit to the citizens of London. 

Finally, this Lexus RC wraps up our short list of Christmas cars and it's got ample amounts of both joy and cheer. In addition to the obvious decorative lights attached to the exterior, there appears to be some under-glow installed on the vehicle to give it that familiar tuner feel. 

This list is by no means exhaustive and we encourage you to share some of the most interesting decorated cars you've seen this holiday season. 

From all of us here at The Drive we would like to wish you Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy safe travels during this time of year.