Mercedes-Benz E-Class Pickup Truck: Get Ute Some Truckin’ Goodness

This Franken-Benz is a full foot longer than a Chevrolet Suburban, giving you all the more reason to jump on its for sale listing.

A recent Bring a Trailer online auction shows off this oddity: a 2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 that was converted into a four-door pickup. This conversion was carried out by Binz, a stretch limo manufacturer in Stuttgart, Germany, and reportedly cost $50,000 over the E320’s base price tag. Changes to the standard car include a stretched wheelbase, a bed frame with diamond plate liner, a new rear window, and passenger bucket seats replacing the bench in the back.

Bring a Trailer

This particular E-Class was ordered new by an Atlanta-area Mercedes dealer and has been owned by the current seller in California since 2003, racking up around 21,000 miles during its life. The Benz is rolling on 18-inch AMG monoblock wheels, but is still powered by the pedestrian 3.2-liter V6 sending 221 horsepower to a five-speed automatic transmission. The wheelbase has been extended 29 inches over the stock car, giving it a new figure of about 140 inches. That’s a foot longer than a Chevy Suburban, so parallel parking might be tricky.

Bring a Trailer

Inside the E320 are the aforementioned rear bucket seats with a custom cooler center console to store all your fancy drinks, although the seller stated the cooling component is not currently functional. Up front, everything is typical E-Class with leather upholstery and the most advanced infotainment system that the year 2000 had to offer.

Bring a Trailer

The auction ended on Dec. 17, collecting bids up to $20,250, but failing to meet the seller’s reserve price. If you’re a car collector that absolutely must have this giant thing, there’s always the chance that the seller will re-list the car with a more realistic reserve.