Brabus Tastefully Tunes Mercedes-Benz E-Class

No over the top build like you are used to seeing with Brabus.

byMax Goldberg|
Mercedes-Benz News photo


Brabus has been known from turning already impressive Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz vehicles into insane performance machines. However, every one and a while Brabus does a little more subtle build. In this case, Brabus transformed you run-of-the-mill Mercedes-Benz E-Class into a family car with a little kick. 

Basing the package off the Mercedes-Benz E-200 currently sold in Europe, the Brabus edition with the PowerXtra B20 Kit gives it a little extra kick. According to Brabus, the E-Class makes 221 horsepower and 243 lb-ft of torque, that's a 41 horsepower jump to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder.

Although you will not see insane wheel flares and the other aerodynamic kits normally associated with Brabus, the E-Class will have a Brabus front spoiler, rear bumper insert, rear spoiler and custom emblems. Beyond that, the E-200 looks stock.

All interior adjustments are optional and fairly reserved, like custom paddle shifters and door locks.

No word on how this will translate to the E-300 in the states but it is safe to say Brabus will work something up for the folks stateside.

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