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Lincoln Aviator’s Warning Chimes Are Actually Live Recordings From Detroit Orchestra

The new Lincoln SUV features a unique layer of luxury that pays homage to its hometown's rich fine arts.

When the Lincoln Aviator debuts in production trim at the LA Auto Show in a few weeks, it’s going to have a feature that we haven’t seen ever in a luxury car. The Aviator’s warning chimes have been replaced with live, symphonic recordings from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Six new chimes were recorded for use in the new Aviator that will eventually make their way across the Lincoln lineup. They were selected from combinations of percussion, violin, and viola. No longer will you have an obnoxious warning if you leave your headlights on or forget to buckle your seatbelt; you’ll have the sweet dulcet tones of a symphony.

In total, 25 features of the vehicle will feature the tones.

“Aviator represents the true vision of the Lincoln brand,” said David Woodhouse, design director of The Lincoln Motor Company. “With a look this striking, we needed to have sounds that matched the beauty of this vehicle.”

Apparently Jennifer Prescott, supervisor for vehicle harmony, thought the Detroit Symphony Orchestra would think she was crazy when she reached out with the request to partner with them for chimes in the new Aviator.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra recording the Aviator’s tones, Lincoln

“As the hometown orchestra of the Motor City, we were definitely interested when Lincoln contacted us about work that brought together music, cars, and technology,” said Anne Parsons, President and CEO of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

After allowing them to sit in a Continental—the Aviator wasn’t ready yet—to experience the ambiance of a modern Lincoln, the symphony was given carte blanche to record. Originally that meant they recorded 125 different options that ultimately were whittled down to what made it in the new Aviator.

This choice to go the extra mile is quite significant for the brand. If you were to climb into any modern luxury vehicle, including elite vehicles like the Rolls Royce Phantom, you won’t experience this type of polish.

The polish is what makes it significant. Getting the basics right on a modern car is easy, but finding ways to differentiate and stand out is more crucial than ever. While it might seem odd that Lincoln put so much effort on warning chimes, it’s something to add to the surprise and delight of the car. It makes the car feel more expensive and more luxurious. It gives the buyer the sense that the manufacturer put extra time and thought into the vehicle they decided to purchase.

In some cases, that makes all the difference.

The Aviator debuts during the LA Auto Show in a few weeks, where we’ll have all the information on the brand’s newest luxury crossover.

Teaser image of production Lincoln Aviator, Lincoln