Volvo Teases Finned Concept Car Called the 360c

It’s about time this design trend came back.

byJames Gilboy|
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Volvo took to its social media channels to tease a new concept vehicle dubbed the 360c. The video you see below was shared on the Swedish automaker’s Twitter account.

Going by the description paired with the video, the 360c may be meant to represent an autonomous vehicle concept, one which encourages occupants to free up their focus in transit instead of maintaining it.

Enough bodywork is shown to suggest the vehicle will have fins unlike any seen on a production car in recent memory. Volvo provides no information on powertrain options for the vehicle, but we know based on the Swedish automaker's past proclamations that the 360c will either be a hybrid or fully-electric vehicle. Past 300-series vehicles included a variety of compact hatchback, wagon and sedan body styles during their production between 1976 and 1991, which suggests that the 360c may also fit into the compact segment.

Precisely what the "c" suffix means is difficult to guess. The letter is primarily used as a prefix in vehicles like the XC90 and C30, though it has been used for the 262C coupe. Its naming scheme leaves open the possibility that the 360c could be a coupe but does not count out the crossover body style. Volvo's $155,000 Polestar 1 may have demand for Swedish two-doors covered at the moment, though, and what little can be seen of the 360c resembles a squared-off crossover as is all the rage these days.

The Drive reached out to Volvo for additional information on the 360c, but a spokesperson declined to comment, promising more about the vehicle will come forth next week.

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