Taxi Company in Dubai, Where Fuel is Cheap, Adopts 454 New Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Estimated CO2 saving is a massive 40,000 tons over the lifetime of these vehicles.

As the focus on sustainability builds, more transportation corporations are aiming to integrate green vehicles into their fleets. Recently, a taxi operator in Dubai called Arabia Taxi took ownership of 454 hybrid electric vehicles. These were part of a larger fleet of 1,000 Toyota cars they adopted, one that comprises of the Camry HEV, Prius, and gasoline-powered Camry. Of the 454 vehicles, 86 units are Prius vehicles—the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle—and the remainder are Camry HEVs.

The newly-launched Camry HEV is claimed to deliver 70 percent better fuel efficiency compared to its gasoline-engine sibling. And with a claimed fuel efficiency rating of about 61.2 mpg, it is estimated that each of the Toyota HEVs will save around 88 tons of CO2 through its lifecycle as a taxi cab with the Dubai-based Arabia Taxi’s fleet. And the cumulative reduction of CO2 reduction, with all vehicles considered and each with an 850,000 km operation, will be a massive 40,000 tons.

Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Toyota stated, “Arabia Taxi has been our loyal partner since 2005, and among the early adopters of our efficient and responsible HEV mobility solutions.  They had previously ordered a fleet of 50 Prius, making them the first taxi fleet operator in the UAE to use a Prius in their ranks. With the great fuel and CO2 savings that their new green fleet presents, Arabia Taxi will undeniably be one of the major enablers of the sustainability targets set within the UAE Vision 2021.”

PSM Habibulla Khan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Arabia Holdings also said, “The Toyota Camry has proven its credentials not only in the UAE but the world over. With the new Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle, we will be enjoying not only the reliability of Camry but also its great fuel and CO2 savings. The new green fleet which makes up 45 percent of our new Toyota order, will help us speed up the cycle of reaching the UAE Vision 2021 goals of a more sustainable society while offering our customers enjoyable and smooth rides.”

Considering that fuel is cheap in the oil-rich Middle Eastern nation, their incremental adoption of green vehicles into their public transportation system is rather commendable. As per the UAE government website, the price of gasoline for July was $1.95 per gallon of 98-octane Super 98, while the price for regular gasoline or Special 95 has been set to just $1.83 per gallon.