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Porsche Sponsors ADAC SimRacing Gaming Expo at the Nürburgring for Second Year

Gamers can get behind the wheel of a virtual 911 GT3 at this massive gaming convention right next to the Nürburgring.

Porsche announced that it will sponsor the ADAC SimRacing Expo, a massive gaming convention located right next to the Nürburgring. The 2018 rendition of the SimRacing Expo will be the second time that Porsche partners with ADAC’s virtual racing division, this time as the venue’s title sponsor.

Setting a lap record at a prestigious race track is a dream for many motorsport enthusiasts, but most of us will never even set foot on tracks like Le Mans. That’s where racing simulators come in, which not only put drivers of all skill groups behind the wheel of a virtual race car but aid in actual race car drivers’ training. Car companies understand this, and as the motorsport gaming industry grows, more automotive brands are coming on board. 

At the exhibition areas where vendors display RC cars, slot cars, and simulator hardware, Porsche will have two professional simulators set up to act like 911 GT3 cup cars so gamers of all skill levels can see how a 911 race car performs on a virtual track.

“Virtual motorsport represents an interactive, emotive brand experience and supports us in transporting the fascination for sports cars not only to motorsports fans but even beyond to reach the ever-growing eSports target group,” explained Dr. Kjell Gruner, vice president of marketing at Porsche.


ADAC SimRacing Expo’s main attraction is the eSports competition that takes place at the venue, and Porsche now has its own event called the Porsche SimRacing Trophy. Gamers can log on to iRacing’s “Porsche SimRacing Trophy” server and start setting lap times from June 16 to 23, and the 40 fastest players will go to the expo to compete against each other in 911 GT3 Cup simulators. 

The winner will get some seat time in a real 911 at the Porsche Experience Center nearby.

“We are amazed by the passion for the Porsche brand within the SimRacing scene,” Gruner said. “By establishing the Porsche SimRacing Trophy as a professional eSports competition on an international level, we want to offer an appropriate platform for sharing this passion.”

The ADAC SimRacing Expo will take place at the ring ° boulevard complex next to the Nürburgring’s Grand Prix circuit, and runs from September 14 to 16.