2024 Volvo EX90 Has a Handy Built-In Cargo Diagram That Every Car Needs

Why doesn't every car have this?

The new 2024 Volvo EX90 comes with a nifty diagram built in to help you make the best possible use of its cargo area.

The 7-seater EV SUV features an embossed graphic on a plastic molding, outlining just how much space is available in the back. It indicates the width, height, and depth of the cargo area in various configurations. It helps remove ambiguity about what will and won’t fit, making jobs like moving furniture or other items a breeze.

The diagram indicates that 15 inches of storage space are available with the third-row seats raised, which expands to 47. 2 inches if they’re folded down. Folding the second row flat as well provides a cargo space a full 74.8 inches long. As for the rear hatch, it measures 44.5 inches wide and 30.7 inches high, though it tapers off in width towards the top.

Getting matching suitcases with your friends will only cause confusion, but at least you know they’ll all fit in your Volvo EX90. Volvo

The diagram also features a “Will it fit?” section showing various items that could be stored in the car. It includes a table lamp, a pram, and a washing machine, along with scuba gear and skis. There’s even a small refrigerator, though it bears noting that these are usually best transported in an upright position only. It’s really a general guide only, though. It’s not intended as a challenge to try and fit all of those items at once.

Automakers have long featured easter eggs on plastic interior components. In this case though, Volvo didn’t just emboss some fun reference into the plastic. Instead, it’s a diagram that provides genuinely helpful information in the day-to-day use of the vehicle.

It’s almost shocking that these aren’t commonplace on every truck, SUV, and hatchback out there. It would save so many of us from the embarrassment of buying a giant haul of IKEA furniture only to find it won’t fit in the car. Ask me how I know.

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