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2024 Lucid Air Adds Options Across Range, Now Starts at $78,900

The Air Grand Touring is also getting a powertrain upgrade thanks to improved cooling.

Lucid is adding flexibility to the Air’s lineup for the 2024 model year, tacking a new trim onto the order sheet and allowing for more option customization throughout the range. The entry-level Lucid Air Pure will begin at $78,900 next year with destination, a slight increase of just $225. However, customers will have more choice in ordering their car, so they can potentially save money by adding features to less expensive trims rather than having to jump up another rung to get access to certain luxuries.

The four Lucid Air trim levels are as follows: Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, and the newly added Sapphire. Little about those models’ specs will change heading into 2024. The entry-level Air Pure makes 430 horsepower and delivers 419 miles of range from an 88-kWh battery. The Touring (now $87,400) gets 620 horsepower and 411 miles of range from a 92-kWh battery. However, the Grand Touring (price to be determined) makes a whopping 819 horsepower thanks to an updated powertrain. Lucid plans to announce range and battery size details for that trim next year, though it seems that the new Grand Touring is positioned to replace the Grand Touring Performance package, which the automaker says is exiting production.

Finally, the top-spec, $250,000 Air Sapphire, which first began making its way to customers in the fall, still makes an asphalt-churning 1,234 horsepower and still benefits from 427 miles of range. Lucid claims a 0-60 mph time in a face-deforming 1.89 seconds, 0-100 mph in 3.84 seconds, and quarter-mile time of 8.95 seconds.

Certain packages that were previously not available on the lower spec Pure and Touring models, such as the Comfort & Convenience package (heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, soft close doors, and four-zone climate control) are now optional, as are ventilated seats. That aforementioned package is standard on the Grand Touring and Sapphire models. According to Lucid, all of the changes made to its cars’ options and package availability were in response to customer requests.

“By listening to owners and prospective customers, I’m delighted that we can now provide such compelling choices. For example, it’s now possible to order an Air Pure with massaging seats or even an Air Grand Touring with a metal roof,” said Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson.

Not much about the actual Lucid Air is changing for 2024, but new pricing and an updated options list makes it easier for customers to order precisely the luxurious electric sedan they’re looking for.

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