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Lucid Gravity SUV Will Debut in November But Still a Year Away From Sales

It promises to deliver longer driving range than the Air sedan, which already offers 520 miles.

The sleek Lucid Air EV has managed to win the company some fans with its unique styling and fantastic drivetrain. However, producing a single luxury sedan is not a successful strategy for a young and upcoming automaker. It must have new models in the pipeline to cater to a wider audience, starting with the 2024 Lucid Gravity SUV, which is now set to debut this November.

The news was revealed during Lucid’s earnings call this week, which confirmed that the Gravity would be revealed later this year. The luxury SUV began testing on public roads in the U.S. earlier this year, with Lucid releasing limited photographs of the development mules out in the wild.

Much like its sedan sibling, the Gravity is set to be a cutting-edge vehicle inside and out. Lucid claims it will have a longer range than any electric SUV currently on the market. Given the prodigious 520-mile range available on the Lucid Air, it seems well-placed to deliver on that claim. It’s expected to offer supercar-like acceleration and sporty driving dynamics, too. It will also debut Lucid’s new Glass Cockpit high-resolution displays, running the next-generation Lucid UX user interface.

Configurations with five, six, and seven seats are expected to be available, with the six-seater likely to be the most luxurious given it hints at captain’s chairs in the second row. Early pictures released previously show a sleek modern interior with an expansive glasshouse, not dissimilar to the design of the Air.

Lucid is doing mostly well for a startup automaker and is on its way to building 10,000 cars this year. However, production of the Gravity isn’t likely to begin until late 2024. Beyond that, the company has longer-term plans for a Tesla Model 3 fighter in the $50,000 range, while it’s also licensing its drivetrain technology to outside partners like Aston Martin.

Perhaps the greatest challenge ahead for Lucid will be scaling. It’s hard enough to produce one car in real numbers, let alone adding an SUV into the mix. If it can hit the same marks of quality, performance, and range when the Gravity hits the market next year, it could have a winner on its hands. At the very least, it picked a great name for the new model.

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