The Jaguar I-Pace Takes On Tesla’s Model X at the Track

It’s a race from zero to 60 to zero between the I-Pace and Tesla’s Model X 75D and 100D.

byJustin Hughes|

The new Jaguar I-Pace has one competitor squarely in its crosshairs: The Tesla Model X. Jaguar has drawn from its rich motorsport history to challenge the Model X in a race, from zero to 60 and back to zero again.

The I-Pace beats the Model X 75D to 60, then comes to a stop sooner and in a shorter distance. Not willing to accept that loss, they put the I-Pace up against a more powerful Model X 100D. The race is closer, but the results are the same, with the Jaguar coming out on top.

But some important points must be made about this video. Jaguar races the Model X 100D, not the more powerful P100D. The 75D and 100D lack Ludicrous Mode, which increases the P100D's already amazing acceleration even more. While it's true that the I-Pace is smaller and lighter than the Tesla, Jaguar did not put it up against the best Tesla has to offer.

Yet when switching from the 75D to the 100D, driver Mitch Evans remarks that you could almost buy a second $69,500 I-Pace for the difference in price between the two Teslas. That's true if you're upgrading from the $79,500 75D to the $140,000 P100D, but not the $96,000 100D. Tesla's model naming can be somewhat confusing, and this price comparison could lead one to believe the I-Pace beats the more powerful P100D.

Still, the I-Pace is priced $10,000 below the Model X and beats the 75D and 100D fair and square. That's a heck of a deal for a sporty electric SUV. Your move, Tesla.

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