McLaren 720S Named 2017 Scottish Sports Car of the Year

McLaren's 720S has been named the 2017 Scottish Sports Car of the Year by the Scottish Motoring Writers

The McLaren 720S has been making all sorts of noise since its unveiling at the 2017 International Geneva Motor Show, and I’m not talking about “Pop pops” from the exhaust. It’s the critics who have been raving about the car as the awards have been pouring in.

The latest praise for the supercar comes from the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers. The group named the 720S the 2017 Scottish Sports Car of the Year. It’s the second year in a row where a McLaren has received an award in Scotland. Last year the 570S won the Design and Innovation Award.

McLaren 720S, McLaren

The President of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, Stephen Park, praised the excitement you get while driving the 9-second Quarter mile British supercar. “In no segment is the price span as broad as this one but this year one brand returns to the winner’s board and deservedly so. In terms of innovation, technology and exhilaration, this is a sportscar like no other and a huge testament to British design and engineering know-how.”

According to the press release from McLaren, European Managing Direction David Gilbert had the following to say about the award, “The McLaren 720S is the heart of the McLaren brand and for it to be named Sportscar of the Year 2017 is a great honour. The second-generation Super Series offers the widest breadth of ability of any McLaren, combined with a stunning new interpretation of our design language and a wealth of luxury features to satisfy the most demanding customers. I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team back in Woking for delivering a world-class product, as well as thank our retail partner, McLaren Glasgow, for their continuous support.”

I’m sure the folks at McLaren are very proud of their latest effort with the 720S, collecting major hardware just months after its debut. McLaren doubled their sales last year and are pacing another record year this year, so obviously drivers agree. With the 720S such a remarkable car, can you imagine what their next hyper-car is going to be like?