McLaren Doubled Its Sales in 2016

The brand saw a sales increase of 99 percent last year.

byCaleb Jacobs|
McLaren News photo

McLaren's transition from low-volume supercar manufacturer to, um, a slightly higher-volume supercar manufacturer took a significant leap during the 2016 calendar year. After introducing a slew of new models and pushing the affordability of the entry-level 570S and 570GT, the automaker was able to increase its sales by 99 percent when compared to the previous year. That puts McLaren in a good spot for 2017, and if it can capitalize on its success with the fresh-for-today lineup, things may be looking up next year as well.

Overall productivity figures are up for the Woking, England-based brand. It was able to sell 3,286 cars overall, and total sales revenue increased by $843.6 million according to AutoblogIt's the company's fourth profitable year in only a six-year span; additionally, workforce is on the up-and-up. McLaren hired 114 employees in 2016, a significant extension of its relatively small worker personnel.

The brand's Sports Series lineup contributed to more than half of its sales during the last calendar year. Between the 570S and 570GT, 2,031 cars from McLaren's beginner supercar range were sold. McLaren Special Operations contributions too were amped up 147 percent from 2015, proving the branch's worth as a customization wing to the already high-end manufacturer.

There have already been 1,500 pre-orders for the McLaren 720S, which proves well for the marque's outlook on 2017. The brand also recently introduced the new 570S Spider, an addition that will certainly go over well in North America, McLaren's largest market. If these trends continue, expect the brand to keep up with production and add even more bespoke cars to its go-fast range.